About SIN Music & Nota Artista

SIN MUSIC creative workshop

Music and independent projects.

SIN MUSIC from stage to publicWell, SIN MUSIC - is actual workshop, on which basis produce music and musical projects are created, developed and managed. The main goal is to create music, but mission is to send it into public and support culture. Also, this is small, but still union of talanted and independent persons: PR agents, managers, photographers and ect., who is in his actual function take a part in our work. In future we are planning to make own music production label. For now, this workshop has two significant projects, they are "Nota Artista" accordion solo performance and band "Parnish Good", about them you can read more in relevant sections.

A priority is focused around accordion and projects with this instrument, which is natural after all, because a founder of this union is an accordionist, but this website for now, is nothing more, but his creative activity center - composing, singing, songwriting, poems, musical projects and a little bit publicism.

“…there’s only one question, always – what you gonna do next…?”



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