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accordion punk band

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Musical band from Riga, which plays loud and expressive songs of the punk-rock genre, led by the accordion sound.

The band consists of such talented musicians as Nauris Prieditis (bass guitar) and Tony Gella (drums/percussion), the group's soloist Rim Bravura (accordion/vocals). Our band offers to experience a unique accordion taste in style of folk-punk, playing a whole concert, the performance takes place in one breath, the ability to concentrate focus continuously makes Your musical experience complete, truly unforgettable.

Such a musical show is valuable for any event of any scale and you have the opportunity to listen to us! This is impossible to describe or imagine - you must experience this...

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Parnish Good

Any questions about, please, do not hesitate to call or write us an email, anyway, take your time to read this article which can help you to reach clarity walking through some points of searching a live band for an event. See ya!

Additional info

Show factor

NEW! the only One of a Kind Band - energy, passion and music! Dance, listen, feel, live...

Musical style

Accordion. Band mixing folk, punkrock & grunge style...

Performing format

Three band members, the band doesn't perform sets, but plays full length concert without a pause, at one go

Sound & Insturments

Bass guitar, drums, lead accordion-vocal

How long

Concert lasts 60 min


FOH ~136 SPL 12" top / 15" sub by every side. See detailed raider attached...


With own sound engineer, 60 minutes, any details to be precise





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