Immersive solo performance

NOTA ARTISTA, Energy, Emotions, Desire

When the accordion magic happens! The unique, phenomenal immersive show. The musician attracts and holds your attention throughout the entire performance, which lasts at one go. Fully immersed in the atmosphere of sound and image, made by an artist, you begin to truly enjoy what is happening, not being distracted by anything else but experiencing your own feelings, an abundance of emotions and desire that will fill you. A dynamic, bright, and explosive musical performance, the impressions that you can make a gift with. You will change your opinion for a lifetime of how the accordion could and must be performed after you experience this! Read this about immersive show to be familiar with authors point of view!

Additional information


Accordion is a genre itself, artist performs contemporary, traditionally instrumental music, as well as songs in style of Gypsy punk-rock tunes and other festive melodies


Get your guests feel sophisticated, give unique sense of presence, make them happier with dancing within artist's vigorous dialogue - accordion allows you to choose


Artist performs rehearsed set alone at one go, just in front of you, it's a solo with elements of truly immersive experience


Musician plays, accompany by himself and sings acoustically, it's completely live unplugged concert without backing tracks and amplification

How long

From a short musical compliment or surprise about 10-15 minutes, to extended 30-40 minutes or full concert-length about 1 hour at one go


Possibility to provide an audio system for your event at you venue with audience of up to 300 people


Only for events with PA system, download here


From 250 EUR


Baltic States

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