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What is an immersive performance

21st of July, 2020

What is NOTA ARTISTA itself as author's independent event, and what it is as a gift for your folks and guests in a significant date?

  • What is an immersive performance


Well, first off all this is general show name of my live performance. Why I called my play immersive? - Simple. When I am playing and singing to You, I play exactly in front of the audience in very close range - in my opinion, this helps to engage audience in the most effective way, You dont want to eat or to speak, or cant do whatever You do near the table but only listen to me, in some way this helps me to tell you the full story of mine, to make you happy, through the focus of what happening right now, ok?! So yes, thats my opinion about the most important aspect of so called "immersive show".

The second aspect is the energy - dynamic. My call is not to play just background music, nope, (it is good in some cases, but not in that I am offering). Only the close atmosphere gives me the apportunity to share my energy and virtuoso playstyle in full range. So that is why it fits more for expressive fast situations, when you dont need the full-time musician, but only the explosive effect of emotions and sound in short period of time (as gift, as surprise, as joke or just whatever). Only that way gives us the chance to rich the maximum egagement and effect of show - "whooou" - came, saw, conquered - fast, without wasting. So, this is it!

What is immersive performance?

An immersive musical performance is a type of live music experience that aims to fully engage the audience in the performance by involving them in various ways. This can be achieved through various sensory and interactive elements, such as multisensory lighting and sound design, choreographed movement, and audience participation. The goal of an immersive musical performance is to create a more interactive and engaging experience for the audience, allowing them to feel fully immersed in the performance and the musical world being created. This type of performance can take place in a variety of settings, such as theaters, concert halls, or even immersive experiences that are specifically designed for this purpose.

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